The Provincial Land Use Plan is envisaged as a policy document for an integrated, coordinated and systematic planning and even spread of development activities, employments to the rural and sub-urban population close to home and reduce pressure on mega cities. It aims at establishing hierarchy of settlements and developments of Satellite, Intermediate, Secondary and Industrial Towns as focal points of future to cater the rural areas and small towns. Meanwhile, the Plan will aim at optimizing exploitation of human and physical resources, maximizing provincial income, increase in overall activity and balanced  distribution of infrastructure and services and increased per capital Income. It will also provide guidance to the nation building departments agencies including  District Governments/TMAs for undertaking integrated and coherent     development     programs     through     holistic planning approach.

According to Section 4, Sub-Section 2 (xv) of the NWFP Housing Authority Act 2005, the NWFP Housing Authority (PHA) is required to formulate a Provincial Land use Plan/Policy of the province. Therefore, Project Management Unit under the Housing Department in PHA was established on 1st April, 2010. In this regard Provincial Land Use Plan/ policy of the province was initiated.

Project Management Unit of Land Use Plan shifted to Urban Policy Unit in 2013 as per direction of the  Honorable Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The name of the Project Management Unit of Land  use Plan has been changed into Provincial Land use Plan.


The purpose of the project is to prepare the district Land Use Plan for every district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  1. To provide broad guidelines to the nation building departments, agencies for undertaking multi-sector, multi-year integrated and coherent development program for each district of the province.
  2. To initiate a process for evidence based land use planning in the province.
  3. To establish a control mechanism for land use development/change at district level.
  4. To document and classify land of each district of KP and properly allocate land for future development of amenities for different uses.
  5. To conserve the prime agriculture land of the province from     non-agriculture uses; encroachment and ensure local food security and sustainable development


  • Preparation of District Land Use Plans for five districts of Peshawar and Mardan Divisions is completed.
  • Single source consultant identified and consultancy for District Abbottabad Land use Plan Awarded for the supervision of in house work.